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Apr 2, 2006
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Hey, the names Brian B. nickname "Buddah" I should be in the water in about 2 weeks. The boats in for service over at Schrader's in Point.

Great site!

I don't hang out at Tices all that much cause I have a house near the beach, but I go occasionally for the party. I mix it up, some fishin', some crabbin' and of course takin' the "ADMIRAL" out with her friends so they can have some laughs.

If you see me out on the Barnegat, give me a holler!
Welcome aboard Buddah! What a sweet battleship you have there.
nice ride. I dont see many 25CC's around these parts. Most are 21-23CC's and 25 pilothouses
Hi BuddahB, looks like we're neighbors. I've got a 2120SC over in S. Seaside Park. Haven't scanned my photos yet, but it's on my 'to-do'list so I can try posting a couple. If all goes well, I'll be doing the bottom paint and engine start up this weekend and unless I've got problems, I hope to launch on Monday. Ran like a champ all of last season, so I'm not really anticipating any problem, but you never know. Took a day off from the real job to get the 3 day weekend. The weather didn't cooperate last weekend, so I've got to do it all this weekend. Read in this weeks Fisherman that things are starting to happen over at the BB.

John S.
If you have any interest there is a salty fly fishing club, The Altantic Salt Water Flyrodders out of Seaside Park. Great nationally known club that teaches salt water fly fishing, casting, fly tying and general information about the local fisheries. Check out If you are interested in coming to a meeting let me know. GReat group of 200 or so members.