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Ranger Tim

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Feb 18, 2006
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Central Virginia
I am going to install a second station on the cabin bulkhead this spring/summer. I intend to keep this thread updated on the progress I make during the effort. Prime considerations are cost and keeping it out of the way of fishing real estate. A gunwhale station seems less desirable to me because of probable interference with fishing activities.

I have put off this effort during the peak rockfish season and until I located a second (spare) prop for the OB motor. Now that the season is slowly winding down and the prop has been obtained (at significant savings - 13-3/4 X 17 Black steel NEW for $100!), I have commenced shopping for the first piece of equipment crucial to the new steering station - The helm pump. I have been frequenting the various auction sites for this piece and have found it a challenge to find a bargain so far.

What are some thoughts from the venerated, esteemed members of the Parker brain trust? Please comment on such topics as:

1) Is the cabin bulkhead fiberglass appliance that Parker manufactures small enough to fit my smaller 2120 bulkhead space? I have discussed this with a factory rep at the Richmond show, but came away suspicious (he was telling me the bulkhead station must be cut in half, six inches removed, and put back together, in order to fit). If someone has one, would you measure the width for me? This shell is not too horribly expensive at $300 and would preserve the clean look, simulating a factory install.

2) Would mounting the helm pump directly on the cabin wall (like Dale's) be sufficient? I would have to provide a separate mount to accomodate the second set of motor controls, once I get them. Steering is the first priority now. How would I dress/hide the rear of the pump inside the cabin?

3) Am I correct to assume I would want to match the pump inside, a 1.7? What about the possible benefits of a tilt helm? Would the tilt function make for a more comfortable wheel position, since the helm pump will be fairly low on the wall - or would this feature require the pump to be further out, away from the window glass to avoid any contact?

Why do I deem it necessary to install a second station? Control of the boat during trolling and docking, primarily. I really want to think this thing through, as I have personally seen a few boats recently that have been seriously compromised by sloppy, ugly, or even dangerous modifications by owners/idiots. I do not intend to let any ill-conceived modification to be inflicted upon my most treasured personal possession. Plus I would like to maintain the best resale potential possible. Lastly, the Admiral (SWMBO) will kill me if I do anything to the Parker that looks crappy or works poorly. She is very fond of the boat and I will hear about it every time we go out if I don't pull this off well.
If you don't mind giving up cabin space to the help assembly, cables and wires, I see no reason why you couldn't just put the helm on the cabin's outside wall.
What will you use for engine controls - throttle and gearshift? The steering part seems easy, but I have never seen a dual control for the Yamaha 150.

We just installed a Raymarine wireless autopilot that lets you steer using a handheld remote, but it's not responsive enough for tight quarters.
I will be using Morse twin SR controls, as soon as I finish the steering install. I can live without the motor controls for a while, but not the steering! Trolling is driving me crazy.

I am starting to formulate some ideas for casting my own fiberglass console using Parker gelcoat for an exact match. I will post updates on my progress here.
You can order the box from Parker, cut out a section down the center, glass it back together, and re/ gelcoat it like I did!.
But I've seen every thing mounted right to the back of the pilot house wall, and that will work just as well!

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