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Aug 31, 2006
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What is the proper procedure to setting up a Lever Drag? I was directed to set the Strike position at 25 to 33 percent of the line weight being used. 50lb line should be between 12.5 and 17lbs. The procedure suggested, is to position the Lever in the free spool position, adjust the drag with the pre-set adjust knob, slide the Drag Lever back to the strike position, and check the tension using a Drag Scale. Continue this procedure until the drag is set. Is this correct or does someone else know of an alternative to make this adjustment?
That's the correct way to do it. When at 'low' drag settings you can sometimes turn the drag adjust know easily, but most times you can't when trying to set to weights you stated.

Using PowerPro for tuna we use the ~1/3rd the line setting for the 50# braid we're using, so the drag will be 14 or so pounds.

Remember ... when you rinse a lever drag reel, ALWAYS have the lever all the way up ... DO NOT rinse in free spool or water can enter the drag.

What reel ... TLD 25 or gold International :) ?
TI30WLRSA......Thank You Dale
I have a Calcutta TE that I am extremely impressed with. Thought that I would give the Tiagra a try. Both Reels are incredibly smooth and the internal mechanisms bring to mind a finely made Swiss Watch.

There’s a lot of talk, mostly good, about Shakespeare’s “Cajun Red” Line. Have you tried it?