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Feb 26, 2006
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Any advice on installing shore power ? I need a battery charger (for 2 batts.) & one outlet. I mainly just want to keep the batterys charged but an outlet seems minor to add to the install. If parker offered it as an option I could follow their routing and component location, but they dont ? How did you compleate the install ? pics would be great !
I had a dealer install the setup three winters ago during their slow period when I switched from a mooring to a slip. Shore power inlet, 6 breaker panel, one 110V GFI outlet, one two-battery charger and a spotlight was about $1600.

Was put in a 2530 so the charger is under the galley cabinet. The breaker panel is in the electric panel in the vee.

Panel is from Blue Sea. Charger is from Guest, though think model was replaced. Is a 2820 model, that does 10A to each battery and is automatic three stage charging.

The chord connection is Marinco and is mounted so that the interior wires entered the fuse panel in the vee. The 110V outlet is on the front face of the galley. I may add one in the vee.

The AC breaker will take up two of the breaker spots for 30 amp shorepower service for whateve size panel you think of.

You can do the work yourself but you have to make sure the grounds are done right for the 110V AC service and the boat's 12 V system, and that good size wires from the charger are run to the batteries.

I don't have any digital photos but I'll be taking the tarp off in April if you think it would help.

Can look at someone's setup local too.