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snap on ron

Mar 12, 2006
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center moriches, new york
I own a 1992 21 sport (se). I need to run one cable to my bilge and another to my transom. What is the best way to accomplish this task? ( I have a combo unit plus a dedicated fishfinder)
Just make sure you also snake something that you can leave in there as a snake for next time!

-- Tom
I've run mine from the cabin under the gunwale to the transom. I have an extended cabin so for the long stretch behind the galley I've used a thin diameter wooden dowel that has both strength and flex, with the cable taped to an end.

I don't know for sure about a SE,
But my 2320sc has a 4in pvc tube from the transom to the inside of the pilot house on the stbd side, below the deck that has all the wiring to the dash in it.
I used an electricians snake to pull a few wires through.