Some new Mary Alice pics / her new home starting Autumn...

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Feb 17, 2006
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Normandy Beach, NJ
Some pictures I took Friday morning..... What a great weekend to be down the Jersey Shore!

Also, my family and I saw, bid on, and signed an agreement to buy a new vacation house. Best of all it is on a lagoon, and has a new bulkhead for the Mary Alice, and is a stones throw to the open bay. This home is over twice the size as my current beach house, but about the same value, as we would have to walk 10 minutes to the beach from this one. I can handle that :D


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I would love to have two opening front cabin windows. 8)
I might have to put that on my "upgrade list". :D
Wow Sal! Who lives better than you? Looks like that new summer house needs to be "broken in" though ... when do you want me there ... :?: ? ;)

Will your Pahka go where the blue-hulled CC is? Congrats - looks sweet :) !
Thanks guys. You know well that if you up in Joisy you are always welcome. :wink:

The Parker Would indeed go where the owner's blue center console is currently. I think it is some no-name brand boat. I want to say Regulizer? or Regulazer? Or maybe Regulator.... Yeah that's it.... Well everyonne can't have a Pilothouse... it would make our boats too common :D

And... "A Parker at every Dock" would make a great campaign slogan....
WOW! Sal! How can you stand it? In June we were all kicking the dirt feelin' bad for you having to sell your boat,,,,and won the lottery! :D

Looks like a wonderful place for family fun. I spent lots of childhood summers down the coast from you at our place in Stone Harbor. The Jersey Shore -Rocks- in the summer!! :mrgreen:

We all wish you the best of luck with your new Seaside Palace.!!

Sal - great pictures. Best of luck on the new home...lets see from Longport to your area .... ok I can be there in about 2 hours. I will bring the beer. Seriously, I an very happy for you and glad to hear that you are feeling better.
Thank you guys. Health is important. Family is important. Friends are important. Baseball is important. Parkers are important.

Sigh. Capital Gains taxes in NJ are also important.