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Feb 24, 2006
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Middle Chesapeake
Hi Everyone, Glad to be onboard. I want to tell you how much I like my Parker. I owned a 2001 2520XL Parker that was dropped, or slid off a boatel rack 27' up in the air two years ago this February. The Parker was totaled but remained together with cracks the full length of the hull. Boat US Insurance treated me well and I soon had another Parker 2520XL. The 2001 Parker was so tough that after dropping 27' it was purchased by a salvage company and maybe in use today. Parker is a tough boat.
I think it was Ringleader who said that Parkers are "so tough that they will probably still be around after the nuclear wars". Sounds like your previous boat can relate...

Welcome aboard ClassicParker!
Megabyte":3u0w1uo5 said:
I think it was Ringleader who said that Parkers are "so tough that they will probably still be around after the nuclear wars".
2 years ago, while my boat was sitting on its mooring minding it's own business ... a 34' footer decided to break loose from it's mooring (in 50+ mph winds) and smash, smash, smash into the side of my boat.

Thankfully, the gunnel of the bigger boat was higher than the Parker gunnel and the bowrail took all of the crunch, though the hull sides did slam together. When I was notified and went out to my boat to get it away, I was thrown to the deck everytime the other guy smacked into me.

Bottom line ... the bowrail had to be replaced, but get this ...

The hull did not suffer even one gelcoat crack and to date, that hull side is free from any spidercracks anywhere on that starboard washboard/gunnel. And the vertical stainless steel rail stanchions were literally torn off of their chain plates :shock: ! Those chain plates (Parker's older design) holding the rail to the hull (rectangular design, 4 bolts, 1 @ each corner) were 3/16" thick SS plate and they were so torn up and twisted, you could put your finger underneath the center of the plate.

When the insurance surveyor saw the damage, he remarked that he could not believe that the gelcoat didn't crack ... not even in one spot! He said " ... kid, be very glad you have a Parker ..." He was totally impressed and even mentioned in his report to Boat /US.
When I inspected the boat after it had landed on a concrete pad from 27' up, I noticed that the Bulkheads had flexed up about 1" to 1 1/2", therefore the surveyor for Boat US could not tell how much damage was done to stringers. I had a Yamaha Kicker and 225hp motor mounted on the motor platform. since the Parker came down stearn first part of the 225 lower unit got lodged into the bottom of the hull. The marina just put the motors in pieces onto a skid for the unsurance company. On the way down from its loft, the pulpit removed the outdrive of an I/O below and further damaged the swim platform of another boat.

Strong boat is that Parker.

Sorry about what happened to both of your rigs, but it's good to hear how solid these boats are. I think I made the right decision going with Parker. I wanted something tough as nails and I'm looking forward to having a pilothouse.

When launching at lynnhaven Inlet one day last summer I dunked the 2120 and tied her up to the pier, leaving plenty of space for someone else to get into the water behind me. As I was walking back to the dock I see a brand new Trophy WA get caught in a crosswind while motoring towards his trailer. This boat proceeds to slam right into my bow pulpit at a good clip. The pulpit ate their gel coat for breakfast and ripped a bow rail attachment point up. I was freaked... I raced onboard and fended off the intruder. At that point I discovered there was no sign of any contact on my boat. The Parker looked untouched! I exchanged info with the other boater and went fishing. The small crowd that had gathered just stood there, shaking their heads.

The first scratch is so stressful. Thank goodness I don't have to worry about spider cracks everywhere, like the last boat I had.