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Aug 21, 2006
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I have several projects I would like to do that will require Starboard. Anyone know of any sources that supply Starboard in less than full sheet size for a reasonable price. The best I can find is on EBAY. Sad day if that is true. Thanks in advance for your help.

Mike B
We have a local place that will cut any type of plastic to any size (Dixie Rubber & Plastic). You might look in the Yellow Pages for a place near you.
Also, I have used cutting board (from WalMart) for some projects, but it doesn't hold up real well in the sunlight.
Look up plastics wholesalers or distributors in your yellow pages. I have found full sheets for the same price the boat stores sell 1/4 panels. Some machine shops too are sources for smaller "scrap" pieces.

Don't limit yourself to just King Starboard, as CPG Seaboard is pretty much identical and I get it in the northeast for 1/2 the price of King brand starboard. Both are a 'softer' (as in machinable) high-density polyethyene (HDPE), also called high molecular weight PE, but of a premium grade with UV protection in it ... and not the cheap white version of HDPE that some cutting boards are made from. Though I do find that cheap stuff a good source for some projects, e.g., spacers or backing plates that don't show.

CPG also makes their's in a seafoam color that nearly matches the Parker gelcoat.
Thanks gentlemen,

As per your suggestion I Found a plastics distributor that carries both CPG seaboard and Starboard.
San Diego Plastics INC. They are open to the public and will cut you the size piece you want.

Mike B
longranger":2m6wiftc said:
... per your suggestion I found a plastics distributor that carries both CPG seaboard and Starboard.

Was the CPG stuff any cheaper out West there :?: ?