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Mar 22, 2006
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Franktown, Virginia 23354
Many people do not fish for these...... but they are usually around every structure in the bay and ocean.

The Chesapeake Light Tower is a very productive spot about 20 miles from the CBBT highrise.

Monday we left Kiptopeake at 530 AM and when we arrived there were already about 20 boats.... most of them hooked up!

It wasn't long before we were catching them.

Onboard were Chris, David and Cathy Riopel and thier son Michael.... and of course I was there with my wife Karen.

We brought home our limit......4 per person. We probably landed a total of about 35.

Another boater on another forum posted a picture of the tower with my boat.



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I fish for 'em !

Fun to catch and good eatin'

Didn't know your water was warm enough for spadefish (yet). What is the temp? Ever try bringing up the whole school with jellyballs?