Spring 2006 - Detail Day

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Feb 20, 2006
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Philadelphia, PA
Well as luck would have it I again picked the wrong day to try to work on the Nana Too. Saturday was sunny and warm and I was doing the honey do list. Not to worry there is always Sunday. Well Sunday moring I awoke early to get to the boat and the first thing I did was trip over my daughter who was not where I put her the night before, then I stubbed my toe. Ok keep moving can't get any worse - wrong spilled large coffee in car and then I notice it is pouring out :(
No problem plenty of work to do in the cabin.
About an hour later weather clears and I am able to wax the hull. One coat of Starbrite cleaner wax followed up by a coat of Starbrite Teflon polish. Fearing that the rain was going to start I again, I decided not to wax the cabin sides so I gave the boat a good scrubbing. This year I waxed the boat with my B-day gift to me a Porter Cable Random Oribital Buffer. (How did I ever live without one) One more weekend and I will be ready to splash. So far only two minor items to deal with - nav lights not working and light fixture in Vee Berth on port side not working.

Here are some photos taken today with my helpers



  • Spring 2006 Boat 001 (Small).jpg
    Spring 2006 Boat 001 (Small).jpg
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  • Spring 2006 Boat 002 (Small).jpg
    Spring 2006 Boat 002 (Small).jpg
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  • Spring 2006 Boat 003 (Small).jpg
    Spring 2006 Boat 003 (Small).jpg
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Here are the other two photos- my helpers (I think)


  • Spring 2006 Boat 004 (Small).jpg
    Spring 2006 Boat 004 (Small).jpg
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  • Spring 2006 Boat 005 (Small).jpg
    Spring 2006 Boat 005 (Small).jpg
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Lookinnnngggg GOOOODDDDDD !!!!

Since uncovering my rig, I soon realized I have to take out the pen and paper and start a list of things "To Do".

I just found out that my starboard Lenco tab is sticking in the down position. (it goes down, but not up :( :( )
Because I'm on a trailer, I de-winterize, splash and fish for a while before doing the wax thingy. I wait for it to warm up a bit, and then enlist the two teenage boys that are eating me out of house and home. :roll: :roll: :roll: