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Feb 16, 2006
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Lewes, DE
The Severn River Rod and Keg Club held the 4th Annual Rumble on the River Fishing Tourney on Saturday, Oct 21st.
Here is the report from SRRKC President Lfreed, and photos of the festivities compiled from a number of Tidalfish postings.

The SRRKC Rumble on the River IV is now in the record books, and it was another good one... can you say "Repeat"? How about "tough bite"?

Team Retriever, consisting of Big E, Fisham and O'Meara, took first place as the Rockfish Kings of the Severn with 4 rock from 20" to 24". Big E was also a member of last year's winning team with their 37" monster, so he's now the guy to beat as he prepares for a "three-peat" next year.

The only other rockfish brought to the weigh-in came from Danny of Team Yak Attack... pretty impressive from a "paddle boat" . If you haven't seen these fishing kayaks yet, they're pretty amazing... decked out with every fishing tool and creature comfort you can cram onto an 8' boat.

The Perch King of the Severn went to Team Lonely Angler, consisting of yours truly. The 12" "largemouth" perch put up quite a fight but was finally subdued and dragged aboard.

The "Open" category was a close call this time. For some reason, the pickerel were very active today. Team Retriever and Team Lonely Angler both brought 4 to the boat, and many others were caught, as well (all of which were photographed and released). The Lonely Angler, however, had a 24" pickerel that looked and fought more like a northern pike than a river pickerel.

I thought that would be an easy winner in the "Open" category, but Rod of Team Yak Attack caught (and released) an 11" yellow perch - also an impressive catch for the river. Not to be outdone, Team Get The Net entered a 5" menhaden they snagged while trolling the mouth of the river, and Team Megabyte had a "silent entry" when Burgess snagged a beer can (how fitting, eh? ).

After much cajoling, arm-twisting, buying of votes, and ballot-box stuffing, it came out to be a tie between the 24" pickerel and the yellow perch, so the money was split evenly between them.

As always, it was a lot of fun to fish w/ everyone and hang out at the weigh-in. It was a tough bite following that strong front on Friday and the blow all the night before... the wind blew the water out of the river, and high tide looked more like a spring low... definitely challenging conditions.

Here's the official tournament participants:
Team Lost Sailor: Uncljohn and Woody
Team Megabyte: Capt. Kevin "Megabyte" and Mike Burgess
Team Retriever: Big E, Fisham, and Chris O'Meara
Team Get The Net: Billy, Rob, Matt and Mary (who also won Miss SRRKC in abstentia)
Team Blue Goose: Jeff and John (our father-son team)
Team Yak Attack: Danny, Josh, Rod and Rob
Team Lonely Angler: LFreed
and Chris "014" came out for the weigh-in party (what a true SRRKC-er! )

Thanks, again, everyone... looking forward to next year!

El Presidente - SRRKC

Larry is correct that the weather conditions the day before seemed to give the fish a case of lockjaw. The frustrating part is that we found fish... but after throwing a dozen assorted plastics, dropper flies, assorted metal, and even a stint at trolling... the bite was tough.

This is what it looked like in one of the creeks...


... and at a super-secret spot in the river.


Here is Mikes entry in the "open" catagory... a Natural Light beer can.
If it had been a Natty Boh, I think it might have won... [grin]


Here is SRRKC El Presidente Lfreed with his 24" Chain Pickerel.


Finally... about 45 minutes before the end of the tourney, Mike and I found a bite on top of one of the shell beds.
Unfortunately, the fish were of a "junior grade".


Still, we stuck with the spot hoping that one of the more senior members of the species were mingled in with the little ones before time ran out.
Wind and current made trout bombs and Crippled Herring the go-to lures, but time expired before we found any legal fish.
Still, it was a great day to be on the water with good friends.

The winning team, and their assorted Rockfish!


Once the business was conducted, the fellowship and tales of fishing began.




As Larry mentioned, the Yaks were well appointed fishing machines.




Rumble on the River IV was a huge success!


A few additional photos...








Rumor has it the 24" pickeral was caught out of Morehead City and run back up the coast by someone with a Parker and 4 Yamahas on the back, while the winning yellow perch was dropped out of a helicopter!

:roll: :lol:

Nice Pics!
Porkchunker":2y6pqpsw said:
Ok Kevin...I'll bite..where is the Parker?

She is there... Look over Larrys right shoulder there in the last photo of my post. :)
Jeff and his Parker 2510 (the Blue Goose) also fished the event, so there were two CP members in attendance.

I gave out two CP koozies with instructions on signing on to ClassicParker too! :wink: