Stripers - May 10

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Feb 22, 2006
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Cape May Court House, NJ
Finally had a good day on stripers today (May 10) on the Delaware Bay.

Caught our largest to date - 51 1/2", 47 1/4 lbs. Also had 4 others - 40", 41", 42", 44 1/2"

Here's dad, a very happy fisherman, today, showing off the big one:


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It's the Sou`wester sticker that did it. :wink:
Congratulations! That thing is a hog!!

BTW - Nice T.I.T.S. :D
Nice. I may haul my boat to DE Bay for next weekend if I can get a pass (wife is 7mo pregnant though). Where you chunking bunker?
Thanks for the replies.
B-Faithful - All of the stripers took bunker heads. One of them had four whole bunkers in its stomach. The water temp is warming up fast so I suggest you get up here soon...they are getting ready to migrate north!
Chunking bunker always beats the spring trolling in the chesapeake. Besides though I have had a few decent trips in a row here, my largest this spring was only a hair over 40". I would love to break that 50" mark.

Good Stuff!

Any reports on slammer blues making their way up the beach yet off of S. Jersey? (I grew up fishing out of Avalon)
Jim - I guess taking a few skunks was woth it now. Looks like you had a great day. I am very jealous.