Stripped holes in sport cabin back.... hmmmmm

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Feb 17, 2006
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Normandy Beach, NJ

I was down polishing some today down at the marina, and I noticed that a few lower screws on the plastic door trim that is screwed in around the interior cabin door, have backed out, and can't be screwed back in, as the glass, or cabin back material,, is stripped. I don't want to deal with a dealer, as I think this is something I can rectify myself easily.

What do I do... squeeze some adhesive or calk into the screw holes, wait for it to dry, then screw back in? Is that what I might use "5200" for? Stupid question I know.....
Very common. Easiest is to just plug it with fast-cure 5200 or 5200 and some broken toothpick pieces. Let cure though ;) before re-installing.
danielb":kl1srnqu said:
...use nylon tie wraps ... the plastic will stay and not soften.
Or "rot" either, great idea Dan :) !
if i have one single DEFECT in my boat (now all corrected), it is the
use of screws into glass!.......bad, bad, rubrail had to be re
moved totally and refastened with BOLTS....ditto the whole cabin assy
at the fore of the cockpit where it is connected to the hull ....ditto the
trim around the bunk entrance....etc, etc, whole frame of the
cabin door came loose, and i took it home and rebuilt it with west epoxy
from start to finish.....yes, this is where either west epoxy with the high
density filler or 5200 are can easily fix it yourself...

but a word of caution......go over your boat from stem to stern and
wherever you can, replace any screw with a BOLT.....if you cannot reach
to do the nut job, then get out the west system or the 5200.....the basic
dictum is never nail if you can screw;never screw what you can bolt...
by the way, onboard, always use NYLOX NUTS, not conventional type....
i have upgraded my entire boat in this fact, my favorite
remedy for a loose-or-not screw is to drill it out, bolt it with nylox and
put some west epoxy or 5200 in there as well...solid has not only a
wonderful FEEL to it, but once any fastener loosens, the area begins to
flex or "work"......this causes wear in not only those immediate structures,
but adjacent ones also......your boat was assembled, but it will make any
and every attempt to DISASSEMBLE itself.......a boat that is fully and finely fastened is the starting point of safety.....whether in a boat or in
a body, DISASSEMBLY IS sayeth the doctor....dan
To paraphrase the good Doctor:

The Universal Haiku philosophy of natural and mechanical systems including Parkers:

Man constructs boats that
Nature slowly tears apart
Entropy again