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Feb 23, 2006
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Gloucester, MA
I have a Parker 2520XL and I’m looking for some ideas to give me protection from the sun. I would like to use this while under way and fishing so I’m concerned with being restricted while fishing and loosing the use of my rocket launches. Any suggestions?

My wife isn't a fan of the sun, so I bought an aftermarket Bimini top off Ebay for under $200. It installed in no time and does a great job. I even got it in Red, which makes it look OEM.

I just couldn't spend $1000 on a factory Parker Bimini. Too much $$$ for my blood.
John, does it interfere with fishing? Where do you store it when down, on rear deck or forward of your rocket launches? Do you have any photos with it up and down?
Us not having a cover has caused problems. We bought an umbrellas but it is not practical.

A few years ago at the Annapolis boat show, I bought a shading device called a Mantis. It is an adjustable shade that collapses when you are not using it. I had hoped it would shade me on my center console while underway. It is not meant to be stable under that much wind however, and I decided it is not practical for my application. It could possibly be a better fit for a cabin boat. Here are several photos of the shade on my boat. The manufacturer is Pro-Techt ( The devices are sold through the Internet or at Bass Pro Shops for about $140-$200.

If you are interested, I will sell mine for $75.


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Kind of hard to fish with a bimini unless it is bottom fishing.

Wide brim hats and sun-protection clothes not the answer?

I set up my Bimini to fold forward and it sits just on the aft side of the rocket launcher.

Yes, there is some interference while fishing, but not too bad.