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Dec 28, 2006
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I have a 2002 2520XL. Is there anyone out there who has done something creative with a Tackle/Bait Cutting/Storage Station. I am looking for something that would stand outside of the pilothouse. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :D
I've seen some of the usual fixes such as the cutting stations that mount in the rod holders..... I don't think you are talking about them....

I've also seen a few boats with a livewell that is taller and slimmer than most with a top that is suitable for bait cutting.

I'll be interested in what turns up. I have a livewell but it is short and usually someone is sitting on it.

What I do most of the time is just have a cutting board on the transom..... the bait usually gets spread out all over the transom but the raw washdown takes care of that.

Esfishdoc, Fishfactory,
Thanks for the info; however, I am looking to do something a little different. I started my 'winter' project...will send you results. Thanks again for your feedback

Thanks for chiming in here! I just LOVE your custom bait/takle prep station and I couldn't remember on who's boat it was that I had seen it.