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Apr 1, 2006
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hello new the site .i was wondering if anyone had any ideas for tackle storage on a 2510 wa mv.i priced some tackle centers online for about 1200 bucks each if bought them i could afford the tackle to fill them! great site looking forward to chatting more :?: :?: :?:
Good question; I've been considering the same. Plano boxes stowed under the pedastal chairs is somewhat inconvenient.

My 2510 came with a little galley. I really have had no use for it. I've been thinking to tear it out and do some remodeling. If I was capable and had the tools, a custom cabinet could make for a multi-purpose storage area.

I'm interested in the storage centers you've priced; maybe you could post url to them?

Alternatively, I think replacing a pedastal chair box with taller one. It would have to be super sturdy and the pedastal height shortened.

Hopefully Pork-Chunker, John @ Madison CT, and et al can let us onto to their operation.
I used to have tackle everywhere, but now, it resides in a Plano 758 box, sitting on the shelf on the port side of the boat. When not in use, it goes in the cabin, locked away.

For large items, like Bunker spoons, parachure jigs, etc.., these sit in a milkcrate, next to the Plano Box.

It is similar to this one:

hey chop`chop susqkingthe url for those tackle centers is nauticaldesigninc.com i talked to the owner john about ss 6model that you attach your eisting seat to then right behind it has ainsulated cooler with a seaat cushion.he quoted me a price of around 1189.00 and if i got one for both sides he said he would do even better.theyre nice looking units check out the web site
I've been thinking the same thing with my 2510...how to stow all those plano boxes.

Currently I've got a design I'm playing with to replace the seat boxes with something made of resin soaked plywood that would hold bunches of them. Plan is still crude, but when I get it finished and make a prototype, I'll post the pics here.

Right now I'm using a "PAC" that holds several of the 3700 Plano boxes. I've got two of them right now, one for light tackle jigging and bottom fishing, and one for trolling. Looks like they may be out of business, because they are getting hard to find...even on the internet.

Try www.finaddictmarine.com. These guys are somewhat pricey and not the most resposive, but hey, they do perfect work. Made a tackle storage cabinet for me. Perfect, matched gelcoat with starboard, all locking SS hardware, the drawers are weatherstripped.