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This question should be easily answered by Cbigma since I always used teflon polish on his boat before he switched to collinite. After hearing other's reviews on Collinite wax from others and seeing Cbigma's pics after using same I decided to try the Collinite. But I was told I will have to compound off the teflon before applying Collinite. Is that neccessary?
Teflon? I had no idea that's what you used! I wonder if I would have done anything different had I known?

I use the two part process, with the "cleaner" (Collinite formula 920) applied first, followed by the Wax
(Collinite formula 925).


Actually, the "cleaner" solution has a mild abrasive
in it. Therefore I guess in a way it really -is- a compounding process.

But maybe it was a few years of your teflon wax that gave me a good base. 8)

One bottle of each should be plenty. At first I tried a buffer,
but hand-polishing gives better results, and isn't really all -that- bad.

Collinite also makes a "Fleetwax" product that I have no experience with. Good Luck!


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I've spoken to people at Collonite at least once. Without a doubt they say, the paste Collonite gives better protection than the Liquid Collonite wax.

Simply put, the harder it goes on the better the protection.

I've always used the cleaner followed by the liquid fleetwax and was happy but this year I went with the cleaner but used the paste fleetwax in a can. The only difference is the paste gets removed while still wet. It looks the same, time will tell if it holds up any better.