Thanks Sal! and questions re-powering 1801

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Nov 30, 2006
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Seacoast, NH
First I'd like to thank Sal for taking time to check out a boat for me.
It's people like this that make the classicparker forum great!
Makes me feel much more comfortable about the purchase.

However now I have some questions for the forum.

The boat is a 1998 1801 w/98 Yamaha 90hp.

My plan was to use the boat next season with the current engine and then look at re-powering.

Any suggestions on what I could get for this engine and also any suggestions on repowering.(wiring, gages, etc)

F115 or F150, I was also looking at the Honda 130 4-stroke.


I'll reiterate what I think I mentioned in one of our phone conversations. I had a Boston Whaler 190 Nantucket (now the 190 Outrage) that I bought with a Mercury 115 4 stroke (made mostly by Yamaha). The Nantucket is almost the exact same dimensions and weight of the Parker 1801. It was a sluggish combination, tolerable really only when it was myself and one of my sons aboard. I got on plane at about 4200 rpm's, cruised at 30mph at about 5000 rpm's, and WOT at 37mph at 6000 rpm's. This was in fairly calm bay conditions. After I repowered with an F150, my top speed kissed 50mph, and I cruised at 4200 rpm's at about 32mph. Big difference. I have heard it said that it is good to run two stroked at high rpm's, and that they were made for that. With a 4 stroke I would prefer to run at cruise at 4000 rpm's than 5000 rpm's; it seems that would be healthier over the long term for the engine.

Plus it is nice to know that when a storm kicks up you can gun it and fly. If you plan on going out with a few adults in that nice Parker 1801, I would suggest the F150 from my experience.

Unfortunately I have no idea what the 90hp Yammie on the transom curently would fetch in the used market.
I just made an offer on a used 2520, if accepted I'll need to sell my 1801.
she's 2004 w/115 yamaha, bought new, well maintained.
Food for thought, i'll know something in a few days.......
The 98 is actually an 1800 not an 1801. I've got the 98 and it has a 115 FICHT. WOT is 32. If I could repower I'd max out with a 150.
I have a 1800 with a 115 yam 2 stroke. I realize people have different needs bit I can't imagine why I would need over a 115 as it pushes my boat w/t-top almost 40.