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If Parker would make that 21CC with a bracket and full transom, then drop a F225 on it, that would be a sweet boat.

I thought the redesigned 2510 had a 16 degree deadrise, the site says 21.
Return of the 21 DV !

Great !

What a pocketrocket with the rated 225. Anyone notice the console is the same as the 23 DV and 25 DV?

Boat's too small for a transom bracket. I ran a 18' with 4 people, and full livewell 30 miles off beach. No trouble with water flooding over transom or thru scuppers.

Should be a great coastal set-up. This is the boat the NC Wildlife (water cops) use.

Could the return be a Parker reaction to higher fuel (and boat) prices?
Did they add a Non-Skid surface to the cabin floor? :(
Hey, the 21DV is back!!

Looks good to me :p :p

-- Tom


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Wow, I'm impressed they brought the 21dvcc back. I will be VERY interested to see if they modified the boat at all to accomodate the new heavier engines....
I'm wondering if they have decided to install something other than 12x12 trim tabs on the 25xx models. If not, I think they should have made them optional; that way the install could be done just once with adequate sized tabs for our beamier beasts.

I'm now even more confident my MV choice was correct. I'm learning to take her slower in the chop and my adhoc trim tab mod worked out ok. I have enjoyed inumerable days on the troll in 2 ft. chop and I'm thoroughly impressed with the stability.

Looking forward to adding the 9x24 Bennetts this Spring.