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The most unusual Parker I have ever seen

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When Robin took me through the factory in 2002 before I took delivery of my boat, my father and Linwood got to talking about boat building. Since my dad had built the 16' wooden boat (see the link in my signature below), he and Lindwood got to talking about how he got started building larger wooden work boats. Seems this is one.
I Googled "Parker Marine Enterprises" the other day and found this page...


I don't know if REUEL B. PARKER is related to Linwood and Robin, or not.
You have to admit... if they are not related, having two boat builders with companies called "Parker Marine Enterprises" is an unusual coincidence. :)

Could the boat that John found be one of Reuel's?
Kevin's research is quite interesting. I re-read the e-bay description of the boat and excerpted this paragraph:

"Broker's Notes: This is one of the last large wood trawlers built by Linwood Parker. Built in 1979 of 2 inch Juniper planking over heart pine frames. This boat has been owned by a local marina owner for the past 7 years who has upgraded, and maintained her in top notch condition. He hauls the boat every 6 months for maintenance. This boat is flawless. Lots of tankage , so you can go almost anywhere,Up to 1600 mile Range. It has a Detroit 671 Naturally aspirated diesel that looks like a brand new diesel. This boat has many upgraded systems and a massive battery bank with 3000 watt Heart inverter and an 8KW Panda Generator. If you are looking for a serious trawler, this would be it. "

If the broker's notes are correct, this is a Linwood Parker project.