Thru Hull Leaking Update !

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Feb 24, 2006
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Sol Cal
Well I pulled the boat out of the water today, and removed the 1 1/2 Ball Valve and there was nothing to seal the two metels, BUT the thru hull was moving, and I cannot remove it as it is sitting on top of the trailer bunk :(, so I called Parker and this is what they told me to do, cut a 4 inch square out of 1/4 plywood, drill a 1 1/2 hole in it and put 5200 all around the base of the thru hull inside the boat , put the piece of plywood I made on the thru hull and then the nut and tighten, the wood will expand if there is any leakage and will not leak no matter what, he swore it would be water tight ! So any body have any feed back on what I have done, I did see how some of the Airman Transducers were installed, and they were with the wood, the onjly difference is that you could get a 4200 or the like between the thru hull and the boat, but Parker said because the bottom is 100% glass it will not leak !!
Took some Pics


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Wood swells when it gets wet, but it also shrinks when it dries out. So...when dry, it might open up a gap.

I would have not used wood. If I could not find an O-ring of the right size, I probably would have made a rubber washer out of an inner tube, and then slathered both sides with 4200 and reassembled loosly, let it firm up, and then tighten.
I took it all apart, jacked up the boat and did it the right way, it is now finished !
The problem was the threads between the ballvalve and the thruhull, and when I tried to remove the ballvalve the thru hull moved, so I removed both and resealed the thru hull and used a 1/4 piece of Starboard as a backing and put it all back together with 5200, and will put the boat back in the water tommrow, if it still leaks it is going to the dealer and they will fix it, but the dealer is a 2 hr drive and I really did not want to take it there and wait for them to fix it ! It is really hard to remove 5200 , but I did it !