Thru hull leaking :(

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Feb 24, 2006
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Sol Cal
Hi all, I noticed this weekend while out fishing that the discharge for our holding tank is leaking, we never have used it to discharge out in the ocean and never will, it is leaking off the thread where the 1 1/2 ball valve is connected to the brass thru hole on the bottom of the boat ! so two questions, can I just unscrew the ball vlave off the thru hull and re pipe dope it with better dope , but does the factory use anything like 5200 to put those valves on, looks like something different than just pipe dope, second, I have the Jasbco electric toilet, and since I will never dump into the ocean can I just plug the one side of the three way valve and put a brass cap on top of the ball valve ?????? It doen not leak much, but it is got a very small leak !
I can't answer the question about pipe dope versus teflon tape for that fitting, but I can tell you not to use 5200 on the threads.
If you do, you'll never be able to get those parts apart again.

5200 is good stuff, but it isn't for every boating application.

Hopefully someone else with a piped head can chime in with an answer to your question.