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Mar 23, 2006
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Staten Island ,N.Y.
well, let's see , so many things are changing in my life good and bad ...well i am moving to Florida. soon, i was taking my boat with me first had to get a trailer ....ok got one for 1000. then 700.00 later i got the trailer (new springs, bearings ,seals u bolts, tire , ect ... then found out in the county i was moving to boats are not aloud in the front of the homes and i don’t have access to the backyard. I went out this weekend and I smell gas in the cabin so it looks like i may need a new gas tank (wonderful ) im up north so it’s time to pull the boats in , did I mention it’s cold here too . so me changing it or having it changed is out ,I cant have that expense right now.. so I think I am going to pull out all my electronics out and sell it but I would like to have an idea of what I can ask for it it’s a 1988 mvsc twin 150 Yamaha’s in very good condition hull is clean no leaks .
with the money I get ill get a smaller boat in fl.. :cry:

Thanks to all
Nelson.m :cry:
There is a pretty clean 1989 2520 MV with a 1989 Johnson 200 or 225 two stroke of the same vintage (works well) for sale in the Toms River area for about 13,000. Hull could be polished, but there is no tank issue. If it were for sale last year, I would have been mighty tempted to buy it, detail it, and repower. Doing so would yield someone a nice rig for about $33k. I'd think that if your motors are circa 1988, you might expect to get about $15k in this tape, assuming your tank is ok.
IMO, the market for a boat with a leaking gas tank, and a bunch of holes and loose wires all over helm will have a very, very, very low value.

You gotta fix it, leave in electronics, or salvage boat.
Nelson - don't jump the gun and assume that you have a leaky tank. Two years ago I too had the smell of gas and feared the worse. The culprit was the hose that ran from the fuel fill to the tank. There is a bend in the hose and it had very small cracks in it. When I would fill the boat the pressure caused the gas to seap from the hose. Check all hoses.

Nelson ... from your "INTRO POST"

nelson.m":zu8to220 said:
hi i'm nelson
i have a 1988 parker 2520 mv with twin 150 yamahas
and the list goes on ...

I think the answer to your fuel smell is in the year of manufacture of the vessel, being 1988.

I think Parker is DEAD ON with this one, as I thought that SAE spec fuel-rated hose for up to 10% ethanol fuel formulations wasn't available until the early 1990s. I too would bet it's your fill hose.

If this is indeed it ... you should also change out all hoses on the vessel, including the gas lines under the cowling of the OB. Your main fuel line goes up to each fuel/oil pump. From there you have a single feed to the inlet manifold, then another feed to each carburator. So it'll be about 7 hoses at a minimum per OB. Note that some Mfg'rs sell "pre-formed" hoses that are molded to the twists and turns needed to get from the inlet to the carb with 'folding' on itself.

Check your dealer ... my OMC ones cost me $8 each, which means a Yummie part will be twice that ... but regardless, you do NOT want a crimp in a fuel delievery hose, as that will lean that carb and then cylinder out. You might get lucky and be able to use SAE-rated replacement hosing ... depends on the install.

Please come back and report how you make out!
I will look in to the hoses to see, I hope that's what's leaking. as leaving the electronics in ???? I have over 10,000 in it and I don't think people care what you spent for it they just want it cheep and I don't want to lose it I' ll take it with me and put it into another boat... .so how much can a new tank be? 1000, 2000, so I sell the boat 10-11000.00 ,he puts in a tank he's still under 13000 the rest of the boat is mint still shines no leaks no cracks , I am hoping that its just a hose. and I still have to sell it.. thanks