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Feb 22, 2006
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Media, PA and Brigantine. NJ
Hi Guys,

I have a 1999 2520 with a ladder back chair (Im assuming TODD) but do not know for sure because I cant find a name on it anywhere. Today I noticed it wobbles side to side even when locked in a stationary position. Upon closer inspection, I found that there are two white plastic pieces that are broken (they are underneath, inside the slider area) but visible if you look under there. Each are broken at one end and these plastic pieces eventually slide out because they are no longer locked in there...hence the "wobble". I accessed TODD website and see the parts located on the exploded parts view but when I click "BUY" Im directed to a local retailer webside (i.e. West Marine) and can't find these parts on that website. Has anyone ever had to replace these parts?

my seat has the same problem, checked for parts but can not find them on West Marine.
I'm not sure Todd is a viable business anymore. They seem to sell complete components as OEM to the boat manufacturers, but getting parts is nigh on impossible. I have a pedestal I bought for the wooden "Porkchunker" that has a 4" diameter pedestal, but cannot for the life of me find the chair head that goes on the top. Everything you find in the big box marine stores (brick or on-line) is 3" or 3.5".

Try your local Parker dealer to see if you can get parts.

If I were you, if you can't find the parts, you should run from Todd as fast as possible.

Robin...are you listening?
We bought Todd ladderback helm seats for our Post sportfish a couple of years ago. Less than a month later as we were coming back from a canyon run, the seat broke off from the base and my son who was at the helm flipped backward and almost fell off the bridge. He managed to grab the rail behind him to stop his fall. After a big runaround with Todd and threatening to call the the government agencys that handled product safety we sent the chairs back for a refund. AS to why the chair broke its too long an explanation to give here. Needless to say it was poor materials and sloppy design.
Had the same problem with a Scout. West Marine has bushings for the Tod, :lol: Model # 255341 in their latest catalog. Will fit 2 7/8" pedestals. Good luck.
TimC2520":2yycc2pb said:
Do you have a photo of this part?

From the WM webpage, they show this part 255341 for $16, click here:

Yeah Dale, Thats not the part I need. The broken part is part of the sliding mechanism under the seat part of the chair. They are white, plastic, about 5-6 inches in length. They fit into the track and the seat actually slides along these plastic pieces. I'll take pics of them tomorrow and ask someone to post them for me as I am not sure how to post photos.
That part I posted the pic of was of the part# rplas48 posted.

I'd call Todd USA ... and complain nicely, even refer them to this post where a few of you (us) complain about that part breaking.

Todd Enterprises
530 Wellington Ave
Cranston, RI 02910
Phone: 888-228-7229
I believe they only deal with the boat manufacturers and have next to zero parts supply chain, and absolutely zero end-customer support. On a scale of 1-10, Bennet Tabs is a 10, and Todd doesn't even reach a 1.

The only way you might be able to get parts is through a Parker dealer.

If this part keeps breaking and can't be replaced, it may be time to switch the pedestals out for a brand that is more customer friendly.
I am going to try and post a photo of the broken piece. It's white, plastic, you can see it sliding out of the track in this shot, once it falls out, the chair wobbles horribly. One end is broken, otherwise it would stay in one place and not fall out.
I believe WISE is the manufacturer. Go to their website and you'l find what you need.
I went to the WISE website. I see the part I need on the exploded parts view..there is even an option to click "BUY".....
Problem is when you click it, it takes you to a web page advertising West Marine, BoatersWorld, etc and it says to order it there..I tried and was told they do not have that part. I finally got in contact with WISE, with a live person on the phone and he said they would not sell it to me directly, that I would have to go to a retail outlet. I told him I could not find one and he said he could not help me. I guess I'll try the Parker dealer next.
If that doesnt work, I'll have to spring for a whole new slider mechanism.
Robin sent me a hard-to-get fitting for my anchor locker. No charge, on a boat I bought used. I gotta say, they are a GREAT company!

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