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Feb 17, 2006
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Newburyport, MA
I'll add some bio/background stuff later, but here is some quick info on my 1999 21' DVCC.

I purchased this boat in December of 2004, so I had a LOOONNNGG New England winter to get through before I could put the boat in the water. This worked out ok, as it gave me time to do some work on the boat and get it ready for fishing in the spring.

I did a few minor projects such as adding fly-rod storage, installing fire extinguishers, removing the bow rail, and installing all new electronics. Some of the more involved projects were re-wiring the breaker panel with some new illuminated toggle switches and creating a complete wiring diagram for the boat, so that I knew what all those wires under the console were for :)

After completing my first full season on the boat, I absolutely love it. I fly-fish the Merrimack River estuary system for stripers and bluefish and this boat was an excellent fishing platform.

My previous boat was a 17' Bristol Skiff, which is a beautiful boat, but has a flat bottom and limited range with a 30HP outboard and portable 7 gallon fuel tank. I had this boat for 6 years before reluctantly selling it once I purchased the Parker.

Since then, I haven't looked back as I really learned to appreciate the Parker with its 21* of deadrise, high gunnels and towering console to keep me safe and dry. This boat also served as a great platform for chasing the small bluefin tuna that come within 10-15 miles of the Massachusetts coast starting in August.

From May 15 to Oct 15 I put 1900 miles on the boat, burning around 750 gallons of gas over the course of about 70 trips throughout the season.

The first pic is one of my favorites. I had looked at a bunch of boats in the 19-22' range, but when I saw the big deep hull and Carolina flare of the Parker I was sold:


Here is another shot which highlights the name of the boat in my 'Parker-like' font, and shows the big console and open bow with the railing removed.


Here is one more profile shot, with a Parker 2120 in the background (same hull as my CC).


-- Tom
I love that Deep-V, and the boat looks great as well. What kind of numbers you getting from your 200 hp Yamaha? I have the same motor but set up on se model. Mine are as follows:

Top Speed: 45-46 mph (5600-5800 rpm's)
Cruising: 30 mph @ 4000 rpm's

When I first got the boat last year, I maxed out at 5400 RPM and 36.9 knots / 42 mph. That was a full tank of gas (100 gallons), some fishing gear and about 400lbs of passengers.

I never ran it up to WOT after that until the very end of the season when I wanted to do a comparison. The engine started stuttering a bit around 5k RPM and I couldn't go much higher.

This motivated me to do a bunch of routine maintenance on the engine.. and I also discovered that my O2 density sensor and the engine draw tube were completely clogged up with carbon. I did some shock treatments with sea foam, and have picked up a new sensor on eBay to install in the spring. I will also be installing new low pressure fuel pumps and checking out the VST filter and all the other common maintenance stuff that I have read about on the various forums.

Anyhow, back to the topic.. 90% of the time I cruised at 3900-4100 RPM, which put me at 22-25 knots (25-28 MPH). This sounds about right given the numbers you posted and the extra weight and deadrise on my boat.

I am very happy I went with the DV, and am amazed that they don't offer it in a center console anymore.. different strokes I guess..

-- Tom

Thanks for the feedback. Yea, I don't know why they stopped the production on that model :roll: You said that you were going to clean the draw tube for the o2 sensor- how hard is that to do? My motor is going on it 3rd season, and was wondering if I should look into that as well.


Its definitely very easy to get to, so at the minimum you should take a look and see what condition your O2 density sensor is in, as well as the draw tube. If they are really gunked up with carbon, you can soak them in sea foam to loosen it up and then scrape them clean. I actually had to work drill bits by hand gradually through the draw tube it was so loaded.

More info can be found here:

-- Tom
Its a long story, but my old marina was almost wiped out on May 15th when we got 15-16" of rain over the course of a couple of days. The Merrimack River flooded, bringing all sorts of debris with it downstream which eventually got tangled in the dock moorings and led to most of the docks being badly damaged.

Anyhow, after some shuffling around, I found a new home at Ring's Island Marina and launched last night. The new dock is about 10-15 minutes of no-wake zone closer to the ocean and fishing grounds.

I went fishing this morning before work and managed to pick up a dozen or so stripers on the fly rod - FINALLY!

The other good news is that the performance problems I was having at the end of last year (surging/stuttering at high RPMs) have cleared up after all the maintenance I performed this spring. I replaced the O2 sensor, adjusted the TPS and oil control rods, replaced the low pressure fuel pumps, cleaned the VST filter, new plugs, etc.

Just thought I would post some pics of the "Hannah Katherine" at the new slip - as I'm very happy and lucky to have my boat on the water, rather than under it :)

-- Tom


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I saw your post on THT with pictures of the flood/rain damage your prior marina has had as of late. Glad you are back on the water. 8)

Whose sport cabin is in the background of your first picture? Me like.
WTG Tom!
Good to see you safe and sound in your new slip. :wink:
Dale was on a friend's boat and took some pics of the "Hannah Katherine" earlier this week.. for some reason they came out almost 90% blue.. had to do some serious tweaking in Photoshop, this was the best I could do:

-- Tom


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What a hull :D !

I tell you ... I cannot believe Parker dropped that hull as a CC model :shock: ! It is a BATTLESHIP ... it handles unbelieveably! It is THE largest 21' boat you will ever step foot aboard. Look at the gunnel height, man that thing has huge shoulders on her! If you ever see a used 21' model CC ... buy it!

I will also say, Tom is one of THE best fisherman around that ever hit the water ... his log keeping, research, experimentation and persisitance, and sheer dedication is unequaled! He is also a true gentleman, a superb father to 2 beautiful girls (Hannah & Katherine) ... and someone I am lucky enough to call a friend.

Today I was running back in from the ocean and came up behind a Parker 21' deep-V Sport Cabin with a F150hp on her. She was turning screws for high 30s, which I thought was amazing! That's a darn good looking boat too! The owner and I chatted for a bit, lamented about the slow fishing ... and I told him to join us here @ Classic Parker ... need to get those business cards made up!