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Feb 16, 2006
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Newbury, MA
Funny thing is ... you cannot believe HOW many people came up to me and asked ... "Did you do that on purpose :?: ?"

Of course I did ;), got both sides washed and then waxed with Collenite too ... which this photo doesn't show. What a workout in the sun ... :shock: though!


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Very cool photo Dale..............

Reminds me of my playing baseball when I was younger.... and sliding into second...but stopping 2 feet short of the bag.

What a boat.
Geeze... You guys have some interesting tides up there. :shock:
Do us a favor though... you keep em. :)
...........Suddenly Dale realized that his 14 degree deadrise allowed him to get closer to the beach than the Pod of Pilot Whales he was chasing............. :shock:
Actually its his new slip. He figures that with Global Warming and all,,,,in a couple of years...this will be prime Marina real estate. And for now... he gets his bottom sanded a coupla times a day. 8)
Oops ... I did it again :shock: !

rangerdog":3s1odic9 said:
:shock: I gotta know when/why/how....
On purpose ... had lobsterbake with my bro and his family, so I used the time to clean/wax the hull.

Porkchunker":3s1odic9 said:
Yes...let's hear the has to be a good one.
Nope ... quite boring actually ;) .

Megabyte":3s1odic9 said:
Geeze... You guys have some interesting tides up there. :shock: Do us a favor though... you keep em. :)
You bet, we have an average 9' to 9.5' tidal drop , with moon tides making some tides in excess of 11'. Last month we had some low "high" tides of only 8' and some high "low" tides of about 2'. Believe me ... it makes running the tidal estuaries quite interesting :shock: !

So the story behind the story is ... I just do this to completely wax the boat. I didn't get it all done last weekend, so I used today to complete the entire hull. Plus I intentionally parked her on the edge of a flat so she'd roll up on her side, made for easy polishing with Collenite Fleetwax 835 or whatever number it was. Man, are my shoulders sore!

In the background is the area where I boat. Nice huh :D ? I'll also fish the rips below that steep hill there. The island with houses is called Little Neck in Ipswich , MA and it's a peninsula. The scene behind the boat is Castle Hill in Ipswich, a > 1200' acre estate (with a castle too) comprising of rolling sand dunes, beautiful beaches, and wooded hills. It was left to the town for "use by the public" by Richard T. Crane, Jr., as it was once part of his vast early 20th-century summer estate. He was a Chicago industrialist ... you may have seen his handiwork ... Crane plumbing fixtures.


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Great photos grandfather was a commercial fisherman in Morehead City, NC "back in the day". I was told that this was standard procedure for cleaning and painting the hull. I will admit though, I've never seen anybody actually do it....

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