Took the New 2006 2520XL Offshore !

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Feb 24, 2006
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Sol Cal
Hi all, we went out to Catlina yeasterday , from here in Marina Del Rey CA, it is 31 miles out to the closest tip of the island according to the GPS, it got really nasty fast, I would say 3 to 5 foot seas maybe a tad larger, and at about 15 miles out it was bad, my wife and kid were scared, waves were nailing us, we stayed dry and for the most part everything was fine, the boat handles well, we did not fish after that as the weather never really layed down, today we did fish and cought alot of sand dabs, about 30 and kept 13, the new Airman Thru hull transducer worked pretty good, at about 15 knots or more it was useless, except for temp, but as for seeing where to drop anchor and set up is was pretty good, I probally would of not drilled a 2 inch hole and kept my transom mount had I known what I know now ! and the new life raft makes my wife feel better, but all in all I was impressed with the way the boat handled the rough water ! I will attached a few pics from the island !


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I'm sorry to hear that your 'ducer doesn't perform past 15 kts.
I tested mine this past weekend and it held a clean view all the way up to 30 kts.

This is where mine is mounted (looking aft)...

Hi, we get from the boat to the island via shore boat or in the summer , surfboard, swim or dingy, it is really fun there.

I put my transducer in about the same place I called Parker and one of the enginerres ( I suck at spelling ) told me where to mount it, I will, give it another good workout next weekend weather permitting !
I've got an airmar tilted element transducer in about the same place and it works well at 30kts. I'm not sure what the problem could be with yours?