TopShot25 on the Horndog, coming to you from SoCal.

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Feb 28, 2006
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San Pedro, California
The “Horndog” is my first Parker :D and my second boat.


I purchased it back in April. It’s a 2520 DVSC Mark Wisch Edition with twin 150 Yamaha’s. I’ve added a custom tower that I designed and had built to use more like a flybridge. I’ve also made a lot of custom stuff for my Parker. I will put pictures up on the projects board.

As for me I live in Southern California. I fish mostly Catalina Island, San Clemente Island and offshore for tuna and yellowtail. Thanks Dave for letting me know of this board, and to all who have put the time in to create and maintain it. Information is a powerful thing and it will help all of us who participate.
You've got some interesting modifications there John!
I'll be looking forward to the project photos. :wink:
John, Welcome and great boat! I especially like where the ladder is to the flybridge. From the first time I saw the 28 Pilothouse, I thought that is where they should have mounted the ladder instead of having to climb over the side. Good luck with her!
Beautiful boat. That’s a great picture too. I really like the ladder you added. You should send that pic to Parker. :)

I'm sorry about the late response guys I just spaced or something. The boat does 38 knots with those 150's. Some of the guys out here on the west coast have twin 225's. That's freaking crazy, those boats do almost 60 MPH like that.

The ladder is set up real well. It's very easy to get up and down. You can sit two comfortably up top also. Can't wait for the tuna.

Springs comming, good luck to everyone.

Parker 2520

The twin F-115s push the 2510 along at 39-40 mph at WOT and 5,700 rpm. I usually curise at 23-25 mph at 4,000-4,200 rpm and 8.5-10.0 gph. Boat really rides well at 23 mph @ 4,000 rpm and a load of fishing gear. Can't plane on one motor though. If I ever repower it will probably be with twin F-150s.

gerg just repowered a 25' MV hull with twin F-150s. Never did hear back on the cruise and WOT speed and gph consumption though. Guess I'll go find his old thread and ask him.