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Wild Rover

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Mar 26, 2006
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Annapolis, Md
My wife has been after me to get a pick-up truck for some time, and now that I have bought my Parker (with trailer) I am definately seriously considering getting one that can satisfy my wife and safely tow my boat.

Freinds of ours are selling a 2001 Chevy Silverado 2500HD (tow rating 10K) that I am considering. For those of you that tow, is this an adequate rig to tow a 2520 (twin 200's) ? .....when I tow I will be going between 80-300 miles.

Some folks on THT seem to believe that you need a diesel for a boat of this size, other knuckleheads will tell you about towing it with there 6 cyl Mazda.

Thanks for you feedback!

IMHO, a Silverado 2500HD with a 10k capacity should tow a 2520 just fine. Just make sure that she has a proper hitch, and that everything is in good repair, and you should be good to go.

When I bought my Parker, GW204 towed her to the shop and back with his Hemi powered Dodge 2500 without a single issue (other than the fact that she drank fuel like beer at a frat-house party). :shock:

Hey... I'd love to have an F250 PSD pickup to tow with myself, but if the price is right on that Chevy and she is in good shape, it could be a great deal. :)

Good luck!
BTW - I've seen some of those towing posts on THT too. :roll:
Well...I'm probably on the high end of the towing vehicle spectrum with the F-250 PSD. Sure works better than my F-250 gasser (which burned about 8 mpg), and couldn't pull the boat up an interstate hill near Quantico, VA. The PSD doesn't even know the 8,200 lb boat and trailer are there.

Don't forget the permits, wide-load signs, and red flags if you are going to tow the 9'6" beam 25' hull in most states.
There's a similar thread still going I think about pulling with a Toyota.

2500 is fine. I have a 2530 and one year had a friend pull with a dodge equivalent diesel.

Since Super Duty's came out in '99 I'v had two F-250 V-10's with no problem and I use an F-350 diesel at moment. All are more than capable in tow capacity, heft, and stopping power.

Need good trailer brakes though. An F-250 or 2500 that has to stop quick can have a problem without the trailer helping.

That 2500 sounds about right. I have a 2003 F-150 Super Cab, 5.4L, 4X4, with 4 wheel trac lock and the heavy duty tow package. I figure the high weight for my 2320DVSC fully loaded with gear, gas, trailer (a 7000# EZ Loader) and truck load is around 6600 - 7000 pounds.

The truck is rated to 8000 pounds which is pushing the envelope. I beefed up the truck with a Cold Air intake system and some other minor engine mods, Hellwig Helper springs, Rancho 9000 shocks, a Rancho steering stabilizer, EBC Green Stuff Brakes and rotors, and "E" load range commercial tires. The rear end gears are 3.55. I will do a dual exhaust tuned to the intake as soon as I have the money. The extra ponies are really just a bonus, but the suspension mods, tires, and brake upgrades really made a difference. If I had the money, I would do 7 bolt hubs and a Big Brake system (which would make it a virtual F-350 :lol:). The only *real* difference between my son's F-250, his F-350, and mine is the suspension. If you don't buy the 2500, let me know as my son may want to look at it for his company, now HE TOWs some stuff!!

I tow 55 miles one way to Chesapeake Beach, not every weekend, but close and have comfortably been to Deleware, OC MD, and the Virginia Pennsula. I think the next upgrade might be to the trailer brake system.

It is no speed demon, but feels comfortable and safe on the road. Down side is it sucks gas like it was 25 cents a gallon when towing.

Bottom line is that you really must have more vehicle than your towing demands or you will not be or feel safe and you will absolutly wear out your tow vehicle early.