Towing an 18' Parker w/ A6?

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Nov 30, 2006
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Seacoast, NH
I have an A6 2.7T Quattro.
Anybody tow with this sort of car?
Dry weight with trailer ~2100lbs

I don't want to have another car/truck but if need be, I will.

I would estimate that rig as :

Boat: 1950
Motor: 500
Trailer : 1000?
Gas: 100?
Misc: 100


You might tow it with :

Jeep Wrangler 3200lbs capacity for small hauls to and from a ramp near your house.

Jeep Liberty 5000 lbs Good option.
Ford Explorer about 5000 lbs with the v6, 7300 with the v8
Jeep Commander v8 hemi 7200 lbs capacity
Toyota 4runner 5300 or 6000 lbs (v6 vs v8)

My guess is your Audi a6 2.7 might not be up to the task of such a long distance tow. I bet a late model Ford Crown Vic/Mercury Marquis or Cadillac Broughm (circa 1980's) might be some of the few cars up to the task of towing the Parker.

Not to be self serving, but I am selling my 1year used Jeep Commander, which is offered in the for sale section at the bottom of the website.
I just got a 99 parker 1800. The folks at Parker said that the boat, motor, trailer and misc. is just shy of 4000.

I have a honda odyssey and a BMW X5. THe X5 has a tow rating of 5000
THe HOnda is just over 3000.

The trailer hitch installation estimates are over $1000 in both of these vehicles.

Will you be trailering your boat during the season? OR will the boat be in the water most of the season.
I just happened to run my 1801 over a scale last year. Boat, motor, trailer, full tank fuel 60 gal., Cooler full of drinks and ice, and assorted misc stuff weighed in at slightly over 4000 lbs. I forget the xact figure but I sure wouldn't want to dog my Quattro pulling it any distance.
Thanks guys.
Made my decision easy......I guess I'll be getting a truck.

Luckily it's in storage now. Won't have to worry until early spring. Striper season.
I have a 1801 Parker . When I got it, I towed it with an older Ranger V6.
Got the job done, but was at very limit of what the truck could handle.
Upgraded to Toyota Tundra V8---what a delight. You really don't appreciate how bad an underpowered tow vehicle is until you hitch up with one that has plenty of power. If you can get the $$ , don't skimp on tow vehicle.
Get yourself a lightly used Jeep Cherokee (the original boxy style) with the 4.0 and automatic. 5000 lb. towing capacity only because of it's size. That rig has the power to tow much, much more.

I used to tow my 204 Grady with one and it got the job done with ease.

Make sure you put good brakes on it though.