Towing an over-width Parker (or any boat for that matter)

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Feb 24, 2006
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Solomons Island, MD
Ok, several folks here and on have asked what it takes to tow an over-width boat. Last time this came up, I indicated I would get some pics.

First, contact the Dept. of Motor Vehicles (State Highway Agency, or SHA in Maryland) and locate the nearest location to get "hauling" permits. If you Google, you will normally find them. For Maryland it is: ... tr_mcd.asp and for VA it is:

VA is fully on-line, while MD is in the process of going on-line (but only for those willing to post a bond). In my case, the local SHA facility is only a couple of miles from where I work near BWI Airport, so I go there over lunch to get them.

Once you have the permits, you need to read the fine print of the permit. For the most part, you cannot haul a "permit" load from noon on Friday until noon on Monday (noon the day before a holiday weekend until noon the day after the holiday). You will also need Wide Load or Oversized Load signs and 18" square red flags. Some jurisdictions require a flashing yellow light on the tow vehicle. Signs go on the front of the tow vehicle and the rear of the load. In my case, I put them where they were visible from both front and rear and haven't had any problems. Flags go on the widest part of the load, or all four corners of the tow vehcile-load combination. MD required them on the widest part of the load, so that is where I put them. May add two more flags next year and move them to the four corners. Flashing light goes on the tow vehicle. Some States also require a light on the rear of the load. Here are pics of the Diamond getting towed back from the CBBT a couple of days ago.


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Do you know if there are any additional restrictions for the Chesapeake bay bridge?
Do you have to get an escort since it's oversize?
When you pull up to the CBBT toll plaza they will ask you what your width is. If they have any doubts they will get out and measure. There is an extra charge for over 8'6" (or something close to that). There is no escort needed.... at least not for the average less than 10 foot beam. I've never been stopped for not following wide load rules and I've never seen or heard of anyone else....

60 dollars one way for pickup, 2 axle boat trailer and over 8'6"... ouch!

Thanks for the info,I actually meant the other Bay Bridge, the William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial Bridge. Guess i shoulda been more specific.
You can't cross the Bay Bridge from noon on Friday until noon on Monday (or noon before a holiday until noon the day after the holiday). Don't need escorts for a 9'6" Parker, but I believe they require an escort for anthing over 10'.