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toying with the idea of selling

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Mar 5, 2006
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Fall River, MA
May be selling Therapy: 2002 2510 deep vee, twin 200 hpdi on a bracket, factory green hull, micron deluxe red bottom, 580 hours, permatrims, 45g livewell, JRC 1500 radar, Furuno fcv585 w/ M260 1kw ducer, Si-Tex Colormax wide gps plotter w/ cmap + chip, galley pkg, hardtop, gold rocket launcher, full enclosure, 2004 tri-axle 10k# Ace bunk trailer.... I am doing a majority of my trips alone now as my dad just can not accompany much anymore. My wife and kids are not really into it. I can do what I do from a 21-23 foot center console on a trailler. You know how the grass can always be greener.


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That is a great boat... Love the power, color, and galley package.
Don't be in too big a hurry... :wink:
Do you have any $$ in mind fer that beauty! Also do you have performance #'s, fuel burn, cruise speed etc.
If I had that boat, I'd find a couple of fishing buddies to help you and share some fuel costs. Lots of fishermen out there who love to fish, but don't have the money to own/operate a boat on their own, who are willing to pay for gas and help launch/recover and clean.

BTW, why did you go with a colored hull?
Bucket, she cruises most efficiently between 3900 and 4500 rpm. Depending on conditons 26 knots to 35 knots, 2.1 mpg - 2.3 mpg. Plane at 18 knots, 1.4-1.5 mpg. (sloppy conditions). Next time I go out I'll snap some gauge shots and post.
Pork, It's not about finding new fishing buddies or about the cost associated with fishing. I fish hard and I fish my way. I have not met many fisher people like myself that do not already own their own boat and do things their way. About the color combo: Green, gold, and red, is a great combination especially when every other Parker is vanilla color. Actually around here I've also seen black Parkers.