trailer guide post for 23 ft parker sport cabin

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hyper striper

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Feb 28, 2006
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ludlow mass
anybody use the guide post on there trailer to help load your parkers, i have a 5 star trailer for my 06 23 ft sportcabin and most times does not go on striaght on the trailer if you just crank the winch up ,would like to add guide post to the trailer but would like a heavy duty brand , she likes to winch up and sometimes lands on one of the chines on the front roller , its a roller trailer, i never drive the boat on, and usally just get the finders under the water to retraive the boat boat some times it a real pain, at the end of a long day to deal with this, as sometimes we have to let the boat back down off the trailer a little and recrank it up too center as i trailer 2 hours and do not want a trailer roller resting on a chine , usally requaries a pull on the rope from the port rear clite too straighten out i think the guide post would help a lot , as wind and tide some times come into to play at the ramp as we trailer 100% of the time thanks for any help on this looked at west marine, boaters world , but might try to make up some havy duty ones myself any ideas thanks shawn from ludlow ma
You checked out the boat stores, so you've seen plastic guide posts or structural guides that aren't as tall.

I don't use any. Also consider accessories from trailer vendor.

I've used Champion Trailer for parts before,

If your ramp is not level, your boat may not load level.

I only have Loadmaster style bunk trailers and, yes, no way would I be able to load without the 5' pvc guides. W/o, nothing to center back of boat, it's still floating above the rollers and bunks. I'm suprised a trailer manufacturer or dealer would sell trailer without.
HyperStriper, we were talking about this subject just the other day. I have been having similar issues with loading my 23WA. Turns out I have been putting the trailer down to far into the water. What was suggested was to get her on the trailer within a few feet of all the way, and then pull the trailer a few feet farther out of the water, so the trailer fenders are about 6" out of the water, and then wench her in the rest of the way. Usually straightens her out on the trailer. Give it a try.
I have guideposts for my 23 and wouldn't be without them. Makes loading a breeze. They will save you much frustration!

If you look at your keyboard, there on the lower right, two keys away from the "shift" key is a "period" key.
I trailer my 2520 and I load and unload by myself quite often. I have the heavy duty guide posts that I found at a trailer place near home. I would hate to not have them. I launch from a pretty steep ramp and the guides have to be long enough so they won't come up under the rub rail when you pull the boat up the ramp.

I also replaced the trailer lights with LED lights on the guides. I rewired the trailer so I have no splices that can get wet. No more tail light problems since.