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Feb 26, 2006
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Norfolk, VA N 36 57 W 76 10
I posted this at the THT website:

I recently bought a Parker 2520 from a person in Southern Maryland. I had arranged for a friend with a trailer to pick it up and bring it down to Norfolk. Well, Murphy's law kicked in, and the trailer was slightly modified by someone who had borrowed it :cry:
In the meantime, I am looking for an alternative way to bring it down. I don't want to motor it down without having the motor being really checked out. I ran it and it was fine but going on a 150 mile trip on the bay doesn't appeal to me especially the way the weather had been.
My question is this, does anyone know of a place to rent a boat trailer between Virginia and Southern Maryland? I have called around the Norfolk/VA Beach areas with no luck.
Buy SeaTow then drive it down by water. Do all the routine engine maintenance before the trip. Take along someone that knows the motor. Pick a good forecast and leave enough time in case of problems. Probably a lot safer than 95 these days!
I'm not sure where you are in So. MD, but I made the run north recently from Thimble Shoals to Annapolis in 6 hours @ 20 kts (though not in my Parker).

PLO to Norfolk (about 60 miles) shouldn't take but about 3 hours at 20 kts, which is certainly do-able in that boat. I'm with Ranger Tim. Buy tow insurance, check the forecast as well as your charts for the most direct route, set the way-points into your plotter, and give it a go! It should be a great adventure.

1/2 day should be all you need to make that trip. :wink:

I have a 2510 on an 8,000 lb EZ-loader trailer in So. MD now. It is perfectly set for the MV hull. If you absolutely don't want to cruise down to Norfolk, and the boat you are buying has the MV hull, let me know and maybe we can arrange something.

An alternative would be to go to the local Parker dealer and ask if you could rent one of their trailers. They trailer boats to boat shows all the time, and I'm postive they have one/more already set for the 25' MV hull.

Regardless, contact me and I'll walk you through the process to get MD and VA towing permits.

LTC Dave McGuffey USA (Ret.)
301.219.2586 (cell)

Thanks for all of the input. THe boat is in a placeon the Patuxent River about 20 miles north of Lexington Park. I didn't want to run it down as it hadn't been used since last year and the Teleflex steering needed filling and purging. Not a problem if I were at home but as the boat is "up there" I wouldn't have know what I was getting into. I found a professional boat transporter who is going to move it at a very reasonable price. Hopefully it will be done this week!
Can't wait to get it out on the water!


I'm just up/down the road from you at Solomon's Is.

I'd have to launch the boat and tie it up in a transient slip for the day, but that is workable.

I already have the "Wide Load" signs, red flags, and amber flashing light for towing the overwidth 25' Parker. It is interesting that the amber light is only required inside the city limits of Norfolk. :cry:

I tow my Parker to the CBBT (Little Creek NAB) each fall/winter and back, so I know the routes and the permit drill.

I also have the right tow vehicle (see my signature), so as long as you are willing to pay my transient slip fee, the fuel for the truck, the fees for the permits, and release me from liability, I'd be willing to help. I need to go to Williamsburg to visit some property anyway, so it is more a matter of timing.

Please give me a call to coordinate.