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Aug 5, 2006
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Huntington Beach, CA
I joined the Parker world last May when I took delivery of my new 2320. This is my 3rd boat but I still have a lot to learn and I definitely am receptive to advice.

My 2320 has a full transom with a Yamaha F250 mounted on a substantial aluminum bracket. When I bought the boat I liked the transom configuration with the easily accessible storage compartments that my dealer called the "Fishbox". Well to be honest, at this point I still don't know what to do with this fishbox. It has plastic insert boxes on either side that look like they are intended for ice BUT....

The "fishbox" isn't adequately insulated to hold ice so it really isn't much of a cooler. On the other hand, the 4 hatches are not sufficiently water tight to keep anything dry so keeping fishing tackle back there is a bad idea unless you first place the gear in tightly sealed containers. Enough salt water gets in to the locker on every trip that I need to empty everything out and rinse it all off.

I guess my question is ..... What the heck is this transom storage area good for?

I have been thinking about adding a layer of styrofoam insulation inside the box in order to make it more serviceable as a cold storage area, but before I go to the trouble I would appreciate someone explaining to me what it's "off the shelf" purpose is. It sure does look nice though!

At this point I will shut up and listen.

I have the fishbox in the full transom of my 2510. It is one box, running most of the width of the transom, and is permanently mounted and drained (can't remove the tray).

It is not as insulated as I would like. I still put ice in it and use it for a fishbox and for keeping liquid refresments and lunch cold. On a hot summer day, the ice melts way too fast. In the spring and fall, it is OK, but I need to carry a lot of ice in the summer. During the summer, I often leave it empty and use a 128 qt Iglo cooler with a cushion on top that doubles as a seat.

Have been thinking of adding the spray-in foam insulation on the underside, and cutting one of those silver reflective car-window panels to lay over the top (maybe velcro it down).
My 23cc has the same transom fishbox. It's insulated underneath and does fine keeping cold in 90 degree weather. Recently kept 6 gallons fresh ground menhaden chum fresh for 2 days.

This is a big fishbox. Takes a lot to cool it off initally. I use 6-8 bags ice to cool it down. Was in the Keys over July Fourth, believe we added maybe 4 bags a day in 95 degree Keys weather.
I bought a kill bag for the fish we catch and use the transom storage for beer, water, food, extra ice etc. It works fine for full day type fishing.


Have you ever thought about using the transom box to hold your fishbag? I was thinking that using a fishbag in the transom box might be an easy way to insulate it.

where do you keep your ice filled fishbag?
No, I haven't. The kill bag is pretty large and the other issue with the transom storage is the kill capacity. Not much room for decent sized fish. I have attached a picture of the location of the kill bag. I would keep it on the engine bracket, but once full, it would interfere with my auto pilot.



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I tried using the transom box to hold fish didn't work for me.
I got a kill bag like Par's it works great ! just wish I had got a larger one.
I now use the transom box to hold boat fenders rope ect.


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I have a 2510, I only use mine in the spring and fall for drinks. It doesn't hold ice in the summer at all. I wish it was water tight for tackle or other things. It's a poor design and definetly needs some insulation.
I have the same boat and compartments.

I use the out board ones for water in 500 ml bottles (port) and trash (starboard). The center compartment I use with small soft coolers to hold lunch stuff-one for sandwiches, one for fruit, one for chips. The cooler are ~six pack size with room for a pair of frozen 500 ml water bottles in each needing cooling. The center compartment hold four such coolers.

The compartments are a bit funky, but this works for me.

Has anyone mounted any rodholders on the transom fishbox? I'd like to run a pole in the center directly over the engine but I haven't been sure about the best way to mount a rod holder. The 4 hatches don't leave a lot of horizontal surface for a mount especially if you don't want to block the hatches. Mounting a recessed holder that would extend inside the box doesn't seem like a good solution. I have been thinking about using trackmount rodholders like the ones they use on the great lakes. Anyone have any suggestions? I have to say that the transom fishbox certainly presents a number of "challenges".
My '99 Diesel 2520 has the transom fishbox. I totally agree that it's inadequately insulated. In fact, on a number of trips the engine heat actually started slow roasting my fish on the ride home! My crew was not happy with that one.

It's a great storage spot for my sea anchor and other gear that doesn't care about a corrosive salt water environment. Ice chests hold the fish.

joshdad":39med0o2 said:
Has anyone mounted any rodholders on the transom fishbox? I'd like to run a pole in the center directly over the engine but I haven't been sure about the best way to mount a rod holder...

I mounted one rod holder on my transom between the hatches for the transom fishbox. You can see it in the "CBBT schoolie" pic below. It is removable (slides into a thin plate mounted with 4 through bolts). I may add two more next spring at the corners where the gunwhale and the transom meet.

BTW, we caught nearly 500 of those schoolies on LTJ and fly rods over the 4-day trip a couple of weeks back. Arms were sore and fingers were getting cramps by the last day. :D :D :D


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I would say my experiences are different with the transom box.

Rain does not get in and things stay very dry although I wouldn't put anything in there that would be damaged from a little wet or moisture.

My offshore routine is to take a large cooler and in the cooler have a couple blocks of ice and maybe 4 large bags of ice. All drinks are in this cooler.. food would be in smaller coolers stashed away.

As the fish start coming on board.... especially if we are bailing Mahi..... the transom box is the best place for them to go. The blocks of ice go in first and the some loose ice from the bags as well as ice still in the bags. I've never come home without sufficient ice on the fish. My typical offshore trip is leaving the dock around 530-6 and back at 6. The ice is in the cooler for the first 2 to 3 hours usually and unfortunatley some days stays there.