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Oct 1, 2006
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I owen a 1996 parker 2310 walkaround and on 11/05/06 my 200 hp yamaha outboard blew up. I think the engine shaft size is 25 inches long and I am writing this because I can buy a new honda outboard 225 hp that has a 20 inch shaft for $8000. Does anybody know if this will work on my boat. I was woundering if it will bolt right up to the transom as it sits or if not what can I do to make it work. I do not want to pass up this deal. My transom is a notch type.Thanks for all your help.


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Greetings chrisbwt, and welcome to ClassicParker!

I'm sorry to hear that your 200 SWS failed you, but I'm afraid that Honda is going to be a challange.
There are several reasons...

The Yamaha is a 25" shaft motor and the Honda is a 20" shaft. The two shaft lengths are not interchangeable. It might be possible to buy a 5" shaft extention for the Honda, but there is a more serious issue with the Honda... weight.

The Honda 225 with a 20" shaft weighs 603#'s. :shock:

I couldn't find the specs for the 200 SWS online, but I found the specs for a 200 HPDI which was showing 466#'s for that model. Big difference.
If you put a 5" shaft extention on that Honda, she is going to be even heavier.

The Honda would require that shaft extention, all new controls, wiring harness, and gages. As you can see, your $8,000 initial cost begins to rise...
The Yamaha and Honda controls are not interchangeable, so when you switch brands, you have to re-rig too.

Give all of these facts, a new powerhead for your Yamaha might be a better option. Talk to your mechanic, but the big block SWS motors (200 thru 250) might have interchangeable powerheads, so you might be able to put a 225 or a 250 powerhead on that motor if your goal is a power upgrade.

The Yamaha OX66 Saltwater Series motors are some of the best outboards ever built. I'm not sure how bad the damage is with yours, but I wouldn't give up on her just yet, especially if money is an issue.

If you have your heart set on that Honda, you can make it work, but it isn't going to be cheap.
Good luck with whatever you decide. :wink:
I agree with Kevin, your most economical approach may be to have a new powerhead.

One of the motors on the little woodie (see my signature) overheated and seized...scoring both cylinders. I pulled the powerhead, sent it off for rebuild, and reinstalled it when it was returned. Runs great and was able to do it for under $1K.