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Feb 24, 2006
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I was over on the THT web-site and they are having a sale on Bennett trim tabs. I currently have the factory installed Lenco's on my boat and they are going on their third season, and so far, I have not had any problems.

Has anyone here switched to Bennett's, and if so, what size did you go with?
It appears that my boat has what looks to be 12x12 on there now, though I might be wrong.

By the way- My last boat was a 24' go fast cuddy style boat that had Bennett's factory installed. I ran it for eight seasons without a single malfunction. I would say they make a good product.

I believe most folks fit the M120's to the 21SE, but you could verify that by sending a PM to Tabman, who is a CP member. You can PM him directly from the "Memberlist" link up on the masthead.
The bigger the better. I put 9" X 24" Bennett tabs on my 21 SE. You just have to make sure you have enough room to keep depth finder transducers far enough away from the prop to not cause turbulence. With the 8' 6" beam there was sufficient room for 24" tabs. Big tabs help smooth out the ride better than small ones.

My 23 SE has Lenco's in a pocket recessed in the hull. I wish they were bigger but they are neater than the transom mounted tabs. Mine have been good for two years. Not sure what I will do when they fail.