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Sep 19, 2006
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Hey guys I love the site, I just found you a couple days ago and havent gotten any work done since. I am going to buy a Parker in the next few months preferrably weeks I am interested in a 23 or 25 walk around if you have any insight on a good used one let me know. I am fully committed to a Parker after about a year or so of research. I dont think they make a better boat out there. Thanks in advance RJG
Hey RJG,

Welcome to the premier population of Parker People on the planet. We are all about Parkers, all the time. If it was made by Parker, or you can do it on a Parker, you can read about it here. :D

Hanging around here will most likely speed up your Parker Acquisiton project. 8)
Sounds like you have your sights set on a 2310 or a 2510, so the next step would be to watch the "For Sale" section here, as well as THT and any of your local fishing or boating boards.

Your profile doesn't show where you are located, but if you are in the Chesapeake region, take a look at the "For Sale" section of Tidalfish ... p?catID=11

Another option is to talk to your local Parker dealer. Many times the sales staff will know of pending deals where trade-in's are involved, even though the boat hasn't shown up on their lot yet. :wink:

Even if the dealer doesn't have what you're looking for in their queue, let them know you are interested, and when one comes available you'll be the first in line.

In my area, it is not uncommon for Parkers to be sold even before a 'For Sale' ad hits the printer. Make your contacts, put out feelers, and eventually you'll be successful.
Word-of-mouth is how I scored my Parker. :)

Good luck!
Try,, and for Parkers. I live in Mass and had to go to North Carolina to get the boat I want. They are not easy to find, but well worth it!

I thought about what brand boat I wanted for a year. Then it took about 9 months to find a descent deal on a used one. I had to drive about 4 hours one way to check it out. There is not as many WA's as pilot houses on the used market, I think that is what took me so long.

Now is the time to find a deal!

Parker w/a's are hard to find.
Best bet is to start at the "Parker Homeland", Beaufort and Morehead City.