Tuna with the boys

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Jul 10, 2006
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Marblehead, MA
Took my boys out to Stellwagen on Sunday to chase some tuna. Got to the NW corner well before sunrise. No other boats were around. Uh-oh...what do they know that I don't?

No bird action, nothing showing on the sonar. Looking bleak. Then about a half hour after sunup we decided to cruise north toward Gloucester where I had heard some tuna had been taken over the last week.

About three miles north of the bank the reel started to sing. I let my oldest boy strap on the belt and try to muscle the fish in. He gave up after about a minute. Younger boy lasted even shorter!

Anyway, the fish was 43" and went right back into the drink. The pics don't show the boys in the best light because they were both seasick. To their credit, they didn't want to go in until we landed a fish. Second picture shows them happy to be back ashore!