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Feb 17, 2006
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Newburyport, MA
Finally had a fishing trip worth reporting here.. after a long summer waiting for the tuna to show up in Ipswich Bay (Massachusetts), they finally arrived - about 2 months late.

Had my neighbor Steve with me and got him his first tuna on spinning gear. I got two fish, losing one at the boat. It was an awesome day on the water. The game plan with these fish is to spot them feeding on the surface, then slowly make your way over to them. If you are lucky, and don't spook the fish, you can get with 20-30 yards of them, and they will stay up on top. Throw your lure into the middle and hold on! Today we had success with Yozuri poppers - and seeing a 45# fish come half-way out of the water to broadside your lure is an amazing site!

Did I mention that these fish are only 4-5 miles off the coast? :)

-- Tom


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Congrats man. You will never be the same again. But please do me a favor, get some blood on the bright white deck will you!!!! :lol:

Seriously though nice job.
I'm still waiting for them to come into the Chesapeake Bay... :shock:
Way to go Tom!

I can smell the Ahi on the grill right now! Is that you?

TomS":1yscb7t5 said:
Did I mention that these fish are only 4-5 miles off the coast? :)-- Tom

Please don't let them get any closer....I've got enough to worry about down there, and I don't want to have to start lookin' over my shoulder more often.
Thanks guys!

Yes, the top pic is me (the guy straining to hold up the fish) and the bottom pic is my neighbor and good fishing buddy Steve.

Minimum size is 47" to keep these fish, so both of these went back into the Atlantic :)

-- Tom
Got another one today... one cast, one fish.. that was it for the whole morning.. lucky!

-- Tom


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You are the second person to mention a horseshoe in my shorts (or thereabouts :) today.. I can't figure out why? :D

But, you are right none-the-less. 8)

-- Tom