Updated opinion on gas tank level for winter storage?

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Feb 17, 2006
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Normandy Beach, NJ
I am amazed at how little I have been able to use my Parker in the last month, and likely through the rest of this year. Anyhow, her gas tank is probably 90% full (150 gallon capacity) of ethanol with Startron and Stabil in there right now. I have heard that ethanol degrades even quicker than regular gas.

Upon haul out, would you :

a) waste the gas in the tank by selling it or giving it away, and get the level down to 1/4 tank or less?


b) add additional Stabil and "fill in your product of choice", and just block her up knowing she will be fine come April 1 2007?


c) something else?

How difficult would it be to draw the fuel out, and use it in your car or truck?

Honestly though... I think it'll be fine until spring.
I top mine off every December and add Stabil. If nothing else it gives me a full tank come spring when the gas is more expensive that it was in Dec. :)
We have Ethanol fuel here in CT. Last year, I kept my tank at 25%, added PRI-G fuel stabilizer, then in the spring added maybe 30 gallons of fresh fuel.
David Pascoe a yacht surveyor (a very opinionated one at that) has a site with lots of articles and pictures of good/bad/ugly manufacturing and repair techniques. One of his articles deals with water in gas tanks from condensation: http://www.yachtsurvey.com/myth_of_cond ... _tanks.htm

That article was written probably before ethanol entered the marine equation. Based on his article, and the fact that ethanol attracts and binds with water, I'm going to run my tanks down as far as I can before winterization.
Found my first Ethanol warning sticker on a WaWa pump on Rt. 2 southbound just north of Prince Fredrick, MD. Warned boaters to check with their dealer before placing this fuel with ethanol in their boats.

I'm just going to run it down as low as possible before winterizing with Startron and Stabil (or the Yamaha equivalent).