upper Chesapeake in December

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Mar 5, 2006
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Fall River, MA
Forgive the ignorance.... Typically, what's happening in the upper Chesapeake during the first week in December? A business trip in Chestertown is planned and I was going to spend a day fishing after work. Anything worthwhile? Thanks Art
Art, Fishing in the Bay in that area should still be hot, and the striper season doesn't close until Dec 15th in Maryland waters.
http://www.dnr.state.md.us/fisheries/re ... gchrt.html

Were you planning on fishing your own boat and gear, or are you looking for recommendations for a fishing guide while you are in the area?

If you'd like to take a guided trip, let me know, as I know two local guides who fish that area of the Bay that I can recommend.

Not sure about you, but after the middle of Nov, I find the upper bay quite devoid of stripers. Croakers depart in Sep and blues depart in late Oct. Stripers are on their way out in mid Nov. Mostly only the perch remain in the creeks. The further south you go, the further into Nov/Dec you can go and still get decent catches. By Jan the action is mostly at the CBBT and south in the 3 mi zone along the VA/NC coast.

Once the end of Oct comes, I only plan 1-2 trips to the CBBT and then I'm done and get the Diamond serviced and covered for winter. She comes back out in mid to late Mar for fishing the CCNPP hot-water discharge (aka "rips") in Apr & May.
Evidently, the manager at the facility that I may go to is also addicted ti fishing. I understand he runs a new Grady and I'm thinking about hooking up.
The fish are there... you just need to know where to look. :wink:

But... you don't need to restrict yourself.
The area where I live has an awesome Chain Pickerel fishery that we tap in the cold weather months. 8)
The Chester River (where you will be) might too.
Local knowledge will need to be tapped to find out what they have, and where to find them.
I consistently caught around the Bay Bridge up until mid-Dec when I used to live up that way.
gw204":2d9zpurg said:
I consistently caught around the Bay Bridge up until mid-Dec when I used to live up that way.

True that.
Eastern channel just off Matapeake. :wink: