Using Parker Boats to sell 8.5mil house!

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Feb 17, 2006
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Normandy Beach, NJ
I am looking at a printed brochure of an 8.5 million property for sale on Middle Sedge Island (actually includes the Island) on the Jersey Shore by Lee Childers Real Estate. In the ad description as a major selling point is the inclusion of two Parker boats: a 23 foot and 25 foot model! :D

The online version of the ad doesn't list the brands like the printed brochure, however :

I guess it shows that the real estate market for second homes is weak! I am also impressed at the home owner's taste in boats, as I had figured them a Sea Ray kind of family :shock:

Anyways... don't be in a rush to buy at the winter shows; You might be able to get the price down on this house a hundred grand or so AND get the real jewels, with full electronics to boot!