Va Beach Report - 4 BIG Sows Off of Va Beach Ramada Inn!

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Sep 2, 2006
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Norfolk, VA
We fished off of Ramada yesterday (12/12/06) and caught 4 nice ocean Striper above 35+ inches. We threw many under this size back.

The most productive part of the morning was around 9:30 when we had back-to-back knock downs for about 10 minutes and practiced our Chinese Fire Drill! Boy, what a rush! The water temp was 51 degrees.

The two most productive lures where our white mojo and chartruse Tomic plug. We ran the Tomic with an inline 8 oz weight and 30 feet of 80# Andes. We ran thr mojo on the bottom with a 3-way with 15 feet of leader to a 6" Storm. Thanks to my buddies, Carl L and Carl H for a great morning! RTC <><


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Looking good guys! ... Uh, except next time see if you can park the Parker behind you! :wink:

Gotta love the Tomic lure. It is easy to rig, easy on the fish and easy to de-hook.
I was down there from 12/09 to 12/12 and have to admit that it is one great fishery. We ran over to Cape Henry on Tue AM to check things out, but were rigged for fly and jigging, not trolling, so we went back to the shoals and pilings.

Have to agree...take the pics in front of a Parker next time.