vst filter, where is it??

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Capt. John Deering

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Mar 27, 2006
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Cape Coral, Fl.
cannot find a reference to it in the yam. manual. I thought the 200 ox 66 had only two fuel filters...the bilge mounted 10 micron and the paper filter under the cowling with the red ring around it. also, does that red ring rise if water makes it to that point. stuck-on stupid. picture???

Capt. John Deering":1plev3tz said:
cannot find a reference to it in the yam. manual ... picture???

Yup ... that's what Classic Parker is all about :) ! Please see this post here, with an excellent picture posted by TomS, see part #23.
thanks dale...when i looked in the manual i was trying to look for something that equaled =vst. still don't what it means, but now know where it is. i heard a new one costs $90...seems mucho for a small screen filter. thanks for the site...i try and help out when i know the "real issue/answer! ps. your megabite asst. dir. is near me...he is a great contributor

VST = Vapor Seperation Tank

The orange ring floats in water, so if you see it up towards the top, it means there is water.

-- Tom