waited a long time for ours

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Feb 24, 2006
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My brother and I purchased a used 1994 2520 cabin last year. one of only a few built ,5.7 v-drive inboard. she is slow but steady, had a lot of fun last year with more fun plan for the years ahead.
Welcome to the board Mox!

I talked to a fellow at the Tri-State Marine fishing flea market a couple of weeks ago who owned (I believe) a 1996 2520 inboard. Apparently he spoke with Linwood Parker about it, and was told that Parker only made a handful of inboards. Linwood told him that their record keeping wasn't as good back then as it is now, so they really aren't sure how many they produced.

It would be great to see some detail photos of yours, since they are so rare. :)