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Wanted: 21 or 23 SE

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Punk Freud

Jan 4, 2007
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Hey Parker people,

I'm looking for a 21 or 23 SE in the Delmarva, NJ, NY, CT areas.
Willing to consider 1999 - 2006.
Will also consider DVCC hull.

Budget under $35,000.
I would appreciate any leads as well!

BTW, great website and I hope to join the group as a Parker owner soon.
Turns out the 23 SE was not such a great opportunity.

As such, still looking for a 21 or 23 SE
Anywhere between VA and NY.

Thanks for all the leads. :oops:
Bump, back again,
Still looking for our Parker.

Anyone out there looking to sell?
I have a 21 SE Parker for sale I live in Chester Va. there are too many options to write down you can reach me at 804/526-8033 (home) or 804/898-0985 (cell). Price is 19K. Call any time. Thanks
Harvey Cuje
E mail Capthmc@ comcast.net
Hey, thanks folks!

I have a few to look over this weekend!
Wolf Run, if nothing happens this weekend you can expect a call.

Thanks again
Punk Freud

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