warning about running OB in barrel

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Apr 19, 2006
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New Milford, CT
If you choose to use a barrel instead of muffs this spring to run your OB make sure you have the engine's lower unit submerged well below your intakes where you attach muffs. If you only submerge to above the intakes, you may do damage to you pump/engine. I was concerned about lack of water pressure where I was drawing water from so opted this spring to go the barrel route. Wouldn't pee so shut off after a few seconds. Put muffs on, it peed. Ran the boat Friday, all seemed well . Didn't want anyone here to find out the hard way. Seems several other people have done the same, judging from what I'm reading on other forums.
I'll go that and give further advice, if a V6 OB, use a dual feed muff arragement ... but FWIW, never attempt to diagnose an OB while running on muffs ... without the exhaust backpressure you could be fooled.