waterproof momentary switch

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I have a remote kill switch and sealed (rubber covered) start button on my rear station.


I didn't wire it (my dealer did), but I would assume that both simply piggy-back off the helm switches.

If I'm fishing a creek bank and want to kill the motor, I pull the deadman (leaving the key switch at the helm in the 'on' position).
When I want to re-start the motot, I just poke that start button.

Pretty simple.
I have the same switch. It's made by Cole-Hersee, switch model M608, normally "off". Two position, "on" with button momentarily depressed. Spring return to "off". Plasticized body sealed against moisture and dirt.

Comes with M -407-03 black moisture repellent rubber button cover that snaps over special face nut. Two 18-gauge wire leads. 12" long. Mounting stem is 5.8" 32 diameer. 15/16:" long. Fits panels up through 1/2" thick. retails around $15.


I wired mine, but have the OEM outboard manual, which I left on the boat, but I believe it is simply wired between the two "M" (for magento) leads on the back of the keyswitch. I can check my manual for you ...

Thanks for the info. I think I'll go out and get one of these switches. If you would let me know how to wire it up I would appreciate it. I once wired up an hour meter to the ignition the wrong way and every time the hour meter "clicked" the motor had a hiccup. It took wuite a while to figure out that I had wired it up to the kill switch lead. I felt like a big fool!