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Feb 17, 2006
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Normandy Beach, NJ
In NJ,

2005 Parker 2520SL with 2005 Yamaha F250 with extended warranty.
rocket launcher
Garmin 178c
VHF with DSC
bench seat
bow rail etc

Some of you know my boat. If I wanted to sell, what would be a fair price? And one that would get her sold also in a resonable amount of time (not firesale..I -need-the-cash-for-my-drug-habit price)
When I read this.... I thought...... well.... it's like if your wife asks.... does this make me look fat? You have to be real carefull with the answer.....

So after carefull thought and research....

$500,000.... 8)

You might want to look at comps on BoatTrader, YachtWorld, and similar boating sites to get a feel for what people are asking for that model.

I'm not certain what a new 2520 is going for these days. I'm afraid to look... :shock:
Those two figures (new and used) would give you the range...
I'm convinced you won't find out what the dealer will sell it for unless you are in serious negotiations.

Your boat new probably had a price tag of 67 to 75K on it..... the MSRP might even be as high as 80K.... somewhere someone has likely paid as little as 60K (without trailer).

I've seen used Parkers 3 and 4 years old with price tags of 70K which I doubt very seriously they are getting it.

For example:

Here is a leftover at the dealer where I bought mine:

http://www.chelseamarinesupply.com/Inde ... category=1

It has a price tag of 67K.

Last year when I bought my 2004 with an F225 and a trailer it had a similar price tag and I drove away at much less than the sticker....

My guess is that they would throw in a trailer and you could drive off for 60K.
Your boat is only a year old. Parker could have only went up 3 or 4% from when you bought yours. I bought my 2510 that was 2 years old and had a little over 100 hours and saved over twenty grand from new.

It's a buyers market but it depends on what you will take for it and how quick you want to sell it. People are looking for good deals and if it's priced good someone will snatch it up..

Best of luck !

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